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FYI on photography

Poster: Orendil@aol.com

Greetings to all..........

I'm passing along a warning that was included in a newsletter from one of my
other associations. They cite an article in the June Popular Photography.

A new generation of x-ray machines is being emplaced at airports to scan
checked baggage.  These machines have a high power setting that can/will be
used when something of a suspicious nature is seen. The warning is that this
setting WILL damage undeveloped film in the luggage - even if protected in a
lead-lined bag. The article they cite supposedly referes to a BBC team that
lost 5 weeks of film from a shoot in New Guinea.

This equipment is only for use on checked baggage....so everyone is being
advised to transport their undeveloped film in their carry-on luggage only. 

I would really hate to hear of someone making that 'once in a life time' trip
to some museum in Europe, only to lose all the documentation they had so
diligently put together.
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