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RE: Question on Name Origin

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

Actually, the name has an more martial origin.  It is an occupational surname for someone who worked on an mangonel.  (A mangonel was a period siege engine for throwing stones.  It's Old French name was mangonelle.)

Reaney's Dictionary lists a number of period spellings under the heading Mangnall, Mangold and Manknell: Geoffrey Mangwinel from 1204, Stephen Manguinel from 1212, Thomas Manganel from 1327, John Mangel from 1363 and John Mangulle from 1390.

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Greetings Good Gentles All!

I have a query into the origins of the last name Mangold....I have seen it
multiple times of late (funny how that happens when you have never noticed
something before, isn't it?) and wonder if it is in some way related to the
Old English concept of wergild meaning "man-price."  If so, then why?  What
did a last name of Mangold signify about the bearer?


Rowen ferch Rhys

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