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Pennsic help Volunteers

Poster: Tracie Whitfield <twhitfie@vt.edu>

Hi everyone. I sent this out to all the Barons and Baronesses and
seneschals I could reach. I have recieved two responses. It is about
volunteering to help out during various occasions in the Atlantian Royal
Encampment. I would rather not drag drunken yahoos off the street, but I am
a viking, and you know what we do when we're short on labor. 

Countess Bera

>Unto various and sundry illustrious titles and offices does Countess Bera
>send greetings this 2nd day of June, 1998.
>Her Majesty has gifted me with the task of finding people to help out at
>Royals or on the field during times of need. Such times are detailed below.
>Please make this available to all your people in some way or another, and
>send recommendations with names, emails &or phone numbers. Note: when I say
>4-6 people from 1-5, I do not mean the same 4-6 people. I can break this
>into one hour shifts if neccessary.
>On Tuesday an Atlantian hosted "Hunt Tourney" will be held. Chirurgeons(sp)
>and waterbearers will be needed.
>Tuesday evening Atlantian Royal will need help with the transition from
>dinner to a cocktail party. We will need six people from 7:30-11:30pm.
>After the dinner to party transition, your tasks will include, refilling
>drinks, escorting ladies, errands if needed, and maintaining refreshment
>trays on tables.
>On Wednesday from 1-5pm Atlantian Royal will host a children's party. We
>are going to need 15-20 people to assist. If you are skilled at managing
>children with something other than a cattle prod, sign up. Duchess Arielle
>the Golden is in charge of entertainment. If you think you are
>entertaining, contact her.
>Wednesday evening we need 4-6 people to help in the dinner to court
>transition. This will occur between 7:30-8pm.
>On Thursday from 1-5pm 2 people will be needed to manage refreshments at
>the heralds' consulting table.
>On Friday, 3-4 will be needed to help with the dinner to tea party
>transition. This will be between 7:30-8pm.
>On Saturday 3-4 people will be needed after Great Court for
>post-entertainment festivities.
>I can be best contacted at 1-540-953-3114. I will check email as I can;
>it's not in the apartment right now.

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