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Pennsic haflas (and the other one too...)

Poster: durr al-jabal al-mukhfi <durr.al-jabal@iname.com>

Ahlan wa sahlan!

At present, three haflas will be had at Pennsic this year; Each Tuesday at
the Orluk Oasis, and the first Thursday at Clan O'choda (near the

For those unfamiliar with the haflas, they are a Middle-Eastern party.
There will be dancing (including line dancing) and music (including
singing) and story-telling and etc.  These are not "Shows" (see avril for

Rated F (for Fun.)  Booze is not served by the hosts (water will be
served).  The uncouth will be asked to leave.

The other hafla is for after the war, January 30, 1999 to be precise.  This
will be a known worlde event on an Arab theme, not too far from Pennsic (so
you can get your Pennsic Fix in the middle of winter.)  The event is
described at the following site:

<a href="http://www.lazerlink.com/~dwarph/al-hafla.html"> al-hafla, a party
in Palestine!</a>

salaam, durr

see you all at Pennsic!

durr al-jabal al-mukhfi           mailto:durr.al-jabal@iname.com
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