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re: Pennsic Panic - the game

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>


   Make enough garb to completely clothe for two weeks a 6'
just-grew-out-of-his-everything 15 year old who won't wear what he doesn't
like and won't hurt his mother's feeling by admitting that he doesn't like
it BEFORE it's done.

   Help a friend who I'm teaching to sew to make enough garb for herself,
her three daughters, and her new husband - who will only wear Suliman era
turkish garb.

   Help not one, but three folks draft patterns for and then produce enough
fencing shirts to last the war.

   Sew additional clothes for three more people who have specific "just
this purpose" garb that they need at pennsic - one of whom needs a
completely documented jester's costume.

    Help two more newbie-tailors complete their projects/garb for Pennsic.
    Sew three more outfits for myself (thank the Gods I'm early period),
two more for my Lord Husband, and one for my other son.

    Sew torques and mantles for all of my Barony's fighters - if I can get
the pattern from the person who has it and keeps forgetting it *grin*

    Sew a "ren" shirt for another one of my friends (but I'm getting an
inkle-loom out of that one, great trade, eh?)

    Coordinate and help with the painting of 30 sheets for walls for the
Baronial encampment.

    Create 100 "kits" for making phytes for the Atlantian Children's Fete,
plus make copies of any crayon ready artwork that I have, for the same

     Decorate 15 handmirrors to give to Their Majesties to use in the Royal

     Get my clan kitchen inventoried and repacked, and the pavilion

     Create a sunshade for the Baronial fighters for the battlefield, and
organize waterbearers for same.

     Have all of this done before the 26th, as I'm on staff this year and
must be on site by Thursday.

I wish I hadn't started this list......

(who's also just realized that she has duties as Baroness, and whos brain
hurts now...I'm forgetting something, I know I am)

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