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A Knight at the Races

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

November 13-15 in Border Vale Keep

Horses, hounds, squire racing, squire shoot, woods battle with mixed heavy and
light, set piece army against army finale.

Catered site, air conditioned cabins,each with its own bathroom, swimming lake
(usually warm enough at least for a brief dip in November. 

Equestrian arts on display, rental horses available to begin the process of
becomming an authorized rider.

Initial flyer available; email knight.flyer@catbox.win.net

I run a part-type system, so your odds of an immediate response are rather
slim. Be patient. Waiting is. 

Fighting scenarios to be available soon. It will be a team sort of thing. Lots
of other stuff going on. 


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