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Knight at the Races

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

To receive the initial flyer for A KNIGHT AT THE RACES, send a blank email to:

If it isn't blank, it might as well be, since the robot that handles the mail
here only looks at the address... it can't really read. Once it sends out what
it is supposed to in response to mail sent to a certain address at this
system, it trashes the inbound message. Well, at least it is supposed to. I
noticed a lot of fat packets going into the bit bucket and routed them to the
printer instead. But, I know I lost some mail. If you don't get an answer to
your question in a timely (2 days) fashion, please recontact one of the folks
listed on the flyer directly, since as of 1100hrs today, inbound will again be
trashed after processing.

Update should be available for request in a day or so. Watch this space for

					Sheesh.... SPK.

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