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Re: Heraldry Stuff

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

> Hello all-
> Can anyone tell me who I can contact regarding a check I wrote to the
> college of heralds of atlantia at southern 12th night (yes, way back in
> of 97) which has not yet been cashed.  My device was returned for a
> conflict, would this be a reason for them to hold a check???   Thank

Nope.  We don't hold checks...  

Now, having said that, there was a short period of time (and yes, your
check falls into that time period) we call the Dark Time of Heraldry, where
a number of things were lost.  I'd consider your check to be one of

Just void it and write a new one when you resubmit.

Rhiannon, Triton

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