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Re: For the record

Poster: Eldred@concentric.net

Greetings from Eldred!

So rather than attempt to get help in designing armory that looks more
authentic, or even show an interest in it, she's giving up?  This makes
the client sound like a petulant child.  Good thing we aren't a group like
the Militaes Normans (sp?) or the Civ War Re-enactors, or you'd be
extremely unhappy.

A lot of people complain about the College of Arms, but how many of them
understand what goes on inside?  I questioned a lot for a long time, but I
*learned* (as painful to my pride as it may have been at times).  I got my
answers, and I participate in all phases of the submissions process,
except the actual Laurel meetings.  What did not make sense to me when I
was a cornet herald now does.  I admit there are things that could, maybe
even should change, but no one has come up with viable solutions for
changing them--yet.

I still learn new stuff when I do commentary.  It's one of the reasons I
have stayed in the CoH (the other is heralding Court, which I consider
to be a way cool thing). If you are willing to go through the Laurel
Letters of Acceptance and Return, and the online precedents of the various
Laurel SoA's you'd learn a lot about what the College of Arms ferrets out
about armory and names.  There is a lot there, and sometimes it's pretty
dry, but you will learn.

Some people's attitude (on both sides of the coin) towards heraldry got my
back up so bad that I learned stuff just to spite them.  And darn it, I
found it interesting.  Their insidious plot worked!  8^)

> Returning the list to it's normal mode of discussing nothing of
> important and accomplishing the same...

That's because so many people are willing talk and so few are
willing to listen.

In service,
THL Eldred AElfwald
Gordian Knot Herald, Barony of Nottinghill Coill
Midrealm and Laurel Commenter (just so you can't claim that I am one of
those faceless Heralds)

PS:  I ain't anybody's minion, so phbbbt!  8^)
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