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Re: heraldry rules (fwd)

Poster: Josh <dungeon@norfolk.infi.net>

>Sorry, m'lord, but that doesn't fly.  A unicorn's lion tail and
>cloven hooves take up no more room than a horse's tail and hooves,
>and the beard can be done with a few 1/4" pencil strokes.  Ask the
>scribes on this list what it's like to draw a device when the *whole
>device* is about 2" by 3"!
As a scribe let me put it this way,It is hard enough to draw a simple animal
figure(like a head of one,or an Eagle displayed Or) but to draw a unicorn 3
inches tall is a headache to paint. Specially if its Or and you want it
goldleaf.(Goldleafing designs is challegening enough) As for gold leafing
around detail lines your looking at tedious work.
>>The submitter *wants* a
>>Heraldic unicorn.  The submitter *wants* Or on their device, but the
>form came
>>out orangish.  The submitter's wants are legitimate, and period, and
>>acceptable, however the translation of those wants into the
>*unperiod*md someone who can, there are plenty of scribes out there.
Sorry for sounding nasty,
Tristan ap Elwin
PS anyone who needs a device drawn find me,the guy in the green and gold
tunics from marinus. 

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