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Medieval Series this week.

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

For those who have the History Channel:


Starting tomorrow a new series will be coming on called ARMS IN ACTION.
These are produced in cooperation with the Royal Armouries and the 
Tower of London. Previews look very good.

On Monday     7-27 Slings and Spears           9-10 pm and 1-2 am
   Tuesday    7-28 Castles and Sieges            "      "    "
   Wednesday  7-29 The Sword                     "      "    "
   Thursday   7-30 Mail and Plate Armour         "      "    "
   Friday     7-31 First Firearms                "      "    "

Normally about now in the month I often post a sheet of upcoming
programs but someone at Interactive has the A&E listings ALSO
on the History Channel for the whole month after Aug. 2. I told
them, now we'll see if the same putz reads the emails (2). I don't
want to have people setting up their VCRs for the wrong channel
and being disappointed.


Repost if you want - just not to the Rialto or Newsgroups please.
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