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Poster: "C.J. Schaffer" <cjschaff@ix.netcom.com>

Mistress Tannis asked that this be posted to the Merry Rose.

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Mistress Tannis sends greetings and sad news

This morning I received a missive from Lord Geoffrye Rufus, a former
now residing in Ansteorra, and squire brother of Sir Axel.  He asked me to
pass the word that yesterday afternoon Sir Axel's parents were killed in a
accident in upper Wisconsin while attending their annual family reunion.
Geoffrye reports that "Details are sketchy but it appears that Axel's father
suffered a heart attack while driving and died almost instantly and his
died shortly after while undergoing surgery."  Another car was involved and
others were injured, 2 critically.  Funeral details have not been finalized,
it will take place in North Carolina.

If you know anyone that is a friend of Axel's please pass this message to
(If someone can post this on the Merry Rose I'd appreciate it, but check
first, it may already there, I've already sent out a mass mailing to the
Laurels).  Please feel free to contact me for details.  As soon as Geoffrye
has more information he will let me know, I have asked him for Axel's e-mail
address so folks can send messages that way.

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