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Principality--we don't want to leave

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

Eogan wrote:
>Based on the Kingdom premise how should we feel?  You guys are >tearing 
away from us.  It will damage both groups for years to come. >Why do you 
want to leave us?  What is so bad about being together?  >We don't want 
to leave you.  We think that Atlantia is the greatest >kingdom in the 
world?  We think our strength lies in the combination >of all our 
groups. Yet you seem to be doing everything it takes to >separate 
yourselves from us. How do you expect us to feel about this?

If Stilhavn ever wanted to become a Kingdom, the ENTIRE Kingdom will be 

The entire Kingdom isn't being polled now because the theory is that it 
shouldn't matter to people (other than the Crown and Seneschal) not in 
or adjacent to a group, what that group does with its status.  Just as 
no one would poll me if Windmaster's Hill wanted to become a province.  
That's Corpora.

Now, if Stilhavn wanted to become a Kingdom, that DOES affect all of 
Atlantia and everyone would be polled.

I hear you saying that you think we want to tear away from you. 

We say back that we don't want that.

What would convince you that many supporters of Stilhavn do NOT want to 
tear away from Atlantia?  That we want to create a new kind of group 
WITHIN Atlantia?

How do we get that message across?


   - Anarra

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