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Fwd: A Non-P Based Question

This never came back to me so I am sending it through again.



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Greetings to all gathered here at the Merry Rose!

I was wondering if any one could help my husband and I solve a mystery (of
sorts).  The other day we were perusing a book on the Holy Grail and there
appeared a still photo from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" in which Arthur
(King of the Britons) and his traveling servant (of the horse-clopping
variety) are stranded on a rock out in the middle of water surrounded by
ships/galleons with very wet sails.  I have never seen this seen to my
knowledge and my husband says that he recalls it vaguely but hasn't seen it
included in the film in a long time.  Does anyone else know the scene which
seems to be missing?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Rowen ferch Rhys, who feels it better to waste the bandwith with silly pseudo-
medieval topics rather than that P-talk  :-)

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