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Pennsic was Re: Now:Anything but the P...

Poster: "Virginia Driscoll" <babblefish_@hotmail.com>

>Poster: Nicole Honeycutt <ladyemma@mindspring.com>
>At 03:15 PM 7/28/98 -0400, Heather Swann wrote:
>>    Pennsic......well, I for one have lots of projects going....garb
>>mostly....    So, how's everyone else doing?    Miri    
>i gotta make a pavillion..... 
><starts twitching>
><eyes glaze over>

I broke my sewing machine, drove 45 minutes to take it to the repair 
shop.  Then when i got home i broke my mom's machine!

Whee!  *grumbles* it will stay at home until after pennsic.

-Neamhain (NAH-vin)

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