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Re: Visigoths

Poster: "S. M. Thorson" <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

Magnus wrote:

> No, no, no...You've got it all wrong. It't the next thing you know
> you're wearing _out_  some fur and loving in a yurt. ;)

No comment.  <g>

Mongol women still *wear* silk, though. I have the wardrobe to prove it. 

> As for yurts there are sound reasons why everyone at the wars goes to
> them after the big storms. More of them are still standing.

This is quite true.  I've seen it happen, and was thankful I had a ger
already.  The thing about gers is that they are the regular dwellings of
the Mongolian people, and have been developed over the centuries to
withstand the conditions of the steppe day-in and day-out.  European
pavilions weren't designed to stand up to that sort of abuse; they were
usually intended for short term use at tournaments or in the field.  Since
the campaigning season was in the summer, weather conditions were
(generally) less difficult.

Another nice thing about gers is that they don't require (under ordinary
circumstances) the kind of staking-down which pavilions and modern tents
do, so a camp full of gers is not going to have guy-ropes all over the
place.  Even when we do batten down for a blow, the stakes go straight
down, not stretched out at an angle. 

> Ask any hordemember.

Or any member of nearly any other Mongol household, of which there are
several (including mine).

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