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RE: Tally Who?

Poster: Mike Dullaghan <michael.f.dullaghan@adn.alcatel.com>

On 10-Aug-98 Peter H. Clarke wrote:

Michael the Eclectic (a former lurker w/ too many opinions to keep his
mouth shut all of the time) here.

I used to go to Pennsic annually, but this will be the third in a row
I've missed.

I faded from most SCA activities for a while -- and most of those I
camped with moved too far away to be able to attend very often in the

I've begun occasionally showing up at events again (and they keep
yelling at me at work that I'm not using up enough leave) so there's a
good chance I'll be there next year.

Michael the Eclectic, House Falconguard, Barony of Ponte Alto, Atlantia.
Vert, on an inverted chevron or, a reremouse(bat) displayed sable.

Armed man = citizen.  Unarmed man = subject.

Of course these are MY opinions! Whattya think, my EMPLOYER
could've thought this stuff up?
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