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Re: SCA is different things to different people

Poster: einar@cvn.net (einar)

At 01:47 PM 8/11/98 PDT, Anarra wrote:
>groups is up to academic standards.  And why should it be?  We aren't 
>academics.  This is a hobby.

That, in fact, was my point.  I expect more of myself because of my level
of knowledge, but I know that most people don't read Georges Duby and Marc
Bloch for kicks.

>This is as it should be.  Now I have the work of all those older 
>Laurels, Pearls, Rose Leaves and Jambs d'Lion to work with.  I didn't 
>have to do my own research from scratch so much.  They have done some of 
>it for me. I am walking up steps they built and am obliged to build 
>additional steps for those who come after me.

8->  In the history profession, the stock phrase is:  "If I see further
than they, it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants."

>  And there's nothing in the IRS regs that 
>say you can't party *and* teach!

Thank the gods and pass the mead!

>But let's not shame our organization for not being what it was never 
>conceived of to be.

That really wasn't my purpose.  I hope my post didn't come off that way.

Incidentally, I can be something of a costuming heretic when the mood
strikes me.  I've been known to show up at events wearing a side-laced
t-tunic (very 12th c. looking) with Middle Eastern accessories.  Hey, it
was all the same time, just not the same culture!  I looked like a
crusader's lady gone native... maybe not documentable, but certainly
plausible.  I got a lot of puzzled looks, and I wore a grin that said "deal
with it!"  Then they saw my other half, in his usual Viking gear, and
someone actually said, "oh, that explains it!" ;->  Thanks to Einarr, I can
get away with that and have a built-in excuse -- it's booty from raids and
trades, and he'd be hurt if I didn't wear his gifts!  That's my story and
I'm sticking to it... 

As Johann wrote, isn't it possible that we as SCA members may take the
authenticity part a bit too far?  I think we do, when we expect
period-to-the-last-detail from our artisans.  Yes, artifacts exist that we
can study, providing you've got the time and money to go to the museums
where they are housed and make detailed studies.  I don't have that luxury.
 Very few of us do.  

The other thing that puts a crimp into putting so much time into creating
stuff, is that time for creative projects can be insanely limited.
Especially if you're a screaming perfectionist like me...  Okay, so Einarr
shouldn't have used lag bolts when he made the camp bed.  So the camp
shower isn't a work of art.  If he hadn't whacked the damn things together
the way he had last summer, we wouldn't have them.  In the case of those
items, authenticity be damned, if it works, who cares?  Peeking into our
tent to see if the bed is period is like lifting a lady's houppelande to
make sure her underwear is period (that is, nonexistent) -- just plain
rude, and I *will* yell, loudly.

Hey, Johann, just how wide is that door shield?  Got some room?  ;->

Elen Prydydd 

PS  Theodora, I'll get back to you on that request...

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