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Doc Q & A (try two)

Poster: "M.  Stewart" <ms154@cornell.edu>

	Greetings all -

	This is one of my favorite topics... I love research and
documentation.  Iwill own up that it wasn't always that way,  but I think
Robyyan's influence rubbed off.
	For me research is fun.    Finding documentation is  like opening
doors.   One of my favorite,  if NOT my very favorite thing to do,  is to
find proof of things that the common wisdom says didn't exist.
	For example,  did you know that the poodle is a period breed?    I
had heard rumor to that effect,  and that they were clipped in period as
well,  but for me,  I wanted to see that proof.    I went digging,  and lo
and behold,  the Pudelhein (or Pudel) is indeed a dog developed in Germany
or E. Europe at around 1100, or earlier.   So now when I take my poodle in
his authentic 16th century clip to events I'm going to have my
documentation with me.
	Some people might see this as a type of defensive maneuver,  But
for me,  it's not.
	If someone asks I'll be able to show them something new, that they
may not have thought about before.   I see it as a wonderful opportunity to
educate others and to share my enthusiasm for one of my projects.
	And this is exactly why I ask people what kind of documentation
they have on their projects.  I'm not dissing,  I  want to learn.  And if
you find proof of  something that I have been digging for without result,
please share.

	Hey that gives me an idea....  Does anyone out there have or know
of resources on
	1.  Scottish Highland Dancing,  there is supposed to be a record
from the time of Malcolm the I.  But I haven't found it.
	2.  Period mirror making,  particularly the application of the
silver to the mirror.  I am looking for a precipitation method,  not
	3. Anyone have experience with making a HNO3 kiln?  or similar acid?

	That's a start... what I propose is an information swap ....
	Who know's who knows what,  or who is looking for what.

	Bridgette Kelly MacLean
	The MacLean of Atlantia, now and ever.

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