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Re: Argh! I've been baited!

Poster: "Tristan de Roquelaure" <barderic@mailcity.com>

>people claimed tomatoes were poisonous.  Not all?  Though I have heard
>hypothesized (ie cannot verify) tomatoes were eaten first in Arabic areas?

I actually studied this in school last semester!
When tomatoes were originally brought over from the "New World", they were belived poisiones b/c no one, besides the people packing to ship them, and probably not many of them, knew that the part yoiu were suppose to eat was the red tomato itself, and many, when the tomato would't grow, thought the leaves were to be eaten, and the leaves ARE poisiones...
I don't know about people actually eating them BUT in the New World, but I know that Thomas Jefferson did a study and patined them as "Love Apples", to enhance sex, and that's when they had a big boom on them, and the tomato finally came fully into the light in Europe.

>Hm.  Period potatoes were probably small, like our boiling potatoes.  I
>thought yellow tomatoes were a relatively recent variant.  Peppers?  ah
>habeneros, etc.? Yams? (but not sweet potatoes?)  And how, I wonder were
>they cooked?

Actually, period potatoes were "sweet potatoes"...and yellow tomatoes are farely recent.  Pepers, too, were sent from the New World, and I don't recolect how anything was cooked...

--Michael Looney

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