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Re: authenticity discussion

Poster: EoganOg@aol.com

Master Daniel Scripsit:

>I just want to add that the question, "yes, it's lovely, but can
>you document it?" is not necessarily snotty, but can mean, wow, if you can
>document it, you might be opening up a whole new area of perception (of what
>was done in period) or new area of endeavor to me!.  Please don't always look
>on it as demeaning or arrogant.  

Also, to add a bit to the defence of those who are asking the question, very
often one has to assume that when someone comes to an SCA event they are
either dressed in clothing made from period models or clothing that attempts
to be as close to those models as the time/research/money/skill of the person
wearing it allows.  After all, we are in a Society that is attempting to
recreate various aspects of historical cultures.  It is rarely assumed that
someone is purposefully wearing something they created knowing full well that
it is not a period design but just thought it looked nifty.  Those people
asking if it is documentable may just be assuming that the wearer of the
garment believes the design to be period and wish to correct the wearer in a
gentle way.  Asking, "Is that documentable?" is rather more tactful than
saying, "That's not period, you know."  It also allows for the fact that
(gasp!) the asker of the question may not know everything!  It could be that
what they believed was totally fantasy asctualy has historical basis and they
could actualy learn something by approaching the wearer and asking about it.

To add a personal point of view, I for one know a lot about Scottish Gaelic
clothing.  It's my job.  I have to know about it.  Let me just say that I have
seen a lot of Scottish personas during my time in the SCA who have had poorly
researched costumes and were modeled generally after late 16th and 17th
century images.  At first I thought it my duty to educate those interested and
try (tactfully) to approach the misguided Scots and correct them (ha!).  I
soon learned that most of those I approaced were not interested in being
corrected.  :-)  I always tried to be as nice and as tactful as possible, but
I am sure that I came off as rude to more than one person.  Now, I have
decided to take a less direct route.  I try to make it generally known that I
posses knowledge of this particualr feild, so that those who wish to have help
may feel free to come to me and I will gladly help hem to the best of my
ability.  But you can be wearing a space helmet and I probably would not
approach you about it now.  (Ok, maybe if you were wearing a space helmet.....

Lard Eogan Og Mac Labruinn, CP
Chronicler of the MSoBs
Mundanely, Matthew Newsome, professional Scot
(in case you are wondering, yes, I have a new e-mail address, but my old one
still works ;-)
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