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Re: Doc. Q and A

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

>	That's a start... what I propose is an information swap ....
>	Who know's who knows what,  or who is looking for what.

I'll play!

I have been looking for documentation of Viking-era paint.  I know they 
painted.  They painted ships, shields, tillers (Gokstad burial) and 
rocks (Gotland and Jelling stones).

I am pretty sure they used the same pigments used by everyone else in 
the medieval period--ocher, charcoal, etc (though I haven't actually 
researched which pigments make which colors).

What I *don't* know and can't even guess, is what medium they used.  Was 
it egg yolk tempera?  Linseed oil?  Milk paint?  Soemthing else?

They ate eggs and linseed and drank milk (yes, they drank it, unlike a 
lot of the rest of Europe.  Why do you think they were so tall??)  They 
used linseed oil for other things.  They grew flax.  They made cheese 
and butter.  They raised chickens and gathered wild eggs.

BUT what did they do for paint??  The yellow paint on the Gokstad tiller 
is still *bright* yellow in places.  What would survive 1000 burried in 
the mud like that and still be so bright? (And did they use sulpher 
blooms or uranium or something else for yellow pigment?)

Inquiring minds want to know.  Till now I've been using milkpaint.  It's 
relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  I'm willing to switch if I can 
find the documentation.


  - Anarra

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