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Re: On Pennsic....

Poster: "Hilda Jean Smith-Beattie" <mariabeatriz.la.mora@mailexcite.com>

AH yess...the turban...
Istvan Darlink..you looked TREY SPPPIFFFFFFFF...I have alwayes wondered if turbans were sort of like lingerie for couples..you know...the pillow talk that must go on as they unwrap his brain every night?
As for me...even though my health was on the down side 4 days before I left for Pennsic..I had more adventures than are leagal to print.
First and formost...my lovely daughter managed to put aside her Anime addiction for about an hour everry day to study beginning drumming.She also managed to keep the wolves at bay with a demure..."My lord I am 11 years old...you must speak with my lady mother!"or a less demure..."(whine mode on) Mom..I dont LIKE the way he is looking at me!"(yeah!!!!!)
In spite of my health I got to teach 3 classes to the most wonderful adept and interesting people a teacher could ask for...I got to dance in the Known world M.E.dance demo to Live Music by the coolest band...MAster Silvanus,Josh,Seabac,Azza, And I have Blancked on the other names but I think there were 2 more people there.IT was HEaven...They took such good care of me and the music was just the most inspiring impprove ever..the whole thing was kind of a symbiotic magic....sigh....
Went to 2 weddings and was in one as a standard bearer.
And met a Calontirian Cad....(pthui, pthui, pthui)
who   at least.. redeemed himself a little by returninng my favor AfTER several Atantian Gentlemen lead by a Calonnnntierian had a talk with him...
YEah I have learned my lesson...NEVER let you favor go out of kingdom!
I had other adventures too...but they need to be saved for a good draft and a warm hearth.

In service

Dance for love
Love the dance
And date someone with massage experience!
c. Bambi;Annandale, VA 1997

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998 17:28:49   Brett W. McCoy wrote:
>Poster: "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@lan2wan.com>
>On Wed, 19 Aug 1998 Eldred@concentric.net wrote:
>> So, did anything *nice* happen at Pennsic?  Based on these handful of
>> reports, the only thing that happened of any interest was a major brouha
>> between the East and Midrealm.  Makes me think that my idea of events
>> held opposite of Pennsic should have more support since Pennsic was
>> obviously so boring....8^) 8^) 8^)
>spent nearly the entire war at Orluk Oasis honing my drumming skills and
>learning how to wrap a turban.  

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