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Re: Glorious day for films.

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

> > Poster: "Garrett, William" <WGarrett@sierrahealth.com>
> >
> > > (Sean Connery for Gandalf anyone?)
> > >
> > No thanks.  Don't get me wrong, I think Sean Connery is great.  I like
> > seeing films that have Sean Connery in them.  To bad we don't really see any
> > characters in the roles he plays, except for the character of Sean Connery.

I'd disagree.  Perhaps we have not seen the same films...

> >
> > I'd rather see an actor who could play Gandalf, rather than Sean Connery in
> > a gray robe lobbing fireworks around.
> Peter O'Toole.
> Put a long beard on him, he'd be perfect.  He can be obscure, distracted,
> and enormously intense in alternation.
> D

Indeed.....lots of alcohol certainly can have that effect.  He did some of his
finest work on Lawrence of Arabia while drunk as a skunk.......(this by his own
admission on chat shows)

I don't see the strength in Peter O'Toole that Gandalf needs, however.  His frame
seems too spare.



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