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Lord of the Rings

Poster: The Davidsons <paradox@gamewood.net>

Gentle cousins : It brings back piles of wonderful old memories to see the
debating over the LotR casting. When I was in high school, I was one of the
founding members of the local Tolkien Society. We ate mushrooms, did
fantabulous costume parties, had different personas, talked over all aspects
of the book, the literature, translated stuff into Elvish, wrote melodies to
the songs - hey! sound like another Society I know?  I was "Ceridwen", an
Elven princess, and floated around the house in a neon scarlet caftan with a
jeweled belt! Years later, someone saw a demo of the SCA, and told me about
it on a Thurs. That Saturday I attended my first event, an Inter-Baronial
Spear and Axe school. So I showed up in THE ONLY thing in my wardrobe that
was not mundane - you guessed it, my old Elven princess outfit that I'd
refused to part with all this time. Got miffed by one person who told me it
wasn't period! but welcomed by another anyway. Saw Gideon in armor looking
like a picture of  the Knights of the Round Table or Faramir or whatever,
and was hooked! (I just confessed this to him this Pennsic) Decided not to
be Ceridwen, as that was my Elven persona, and ended up as Rosalind. What a
long strange journey it's been, or, as it was once said:
        The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began
        Now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow if I can
        Pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way
        Where many paths and errands meet, and whither then? I cannot say...
With love to all who follow these paths, Rosalind

    Rosalind Jehanne 
    Paradox Keep in the Shire of Drachentor    
    Or, a Rose Gules, on a Chief Vert Three Suns Or 

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