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Re: Pennsic Comments

Poster: Barbara Nostrand <bnostran@lynx.dac.neu.edu>

Noble Cousins!

> The Loud tents were impossible to teach anything inside (Road Noise and
> heat where un-bearable.)  It should be made know that if prblems of this
> sort occurr, to come see me and I will do what I can to get other
> accommodations (this is how it all began, after all.)

ALL of the Pennsic Classes are being moved out next to lost and found
etc. NEXT year. This is really really bad. Not only is the heat
unbearable, but the noise from both the highway and the main Pennsic
road is deafening to the point that it is difficult to hear things.
Why is the Pennsic University being exhiled to the Serengetti? Because,
ALL of the Royalty at Pennsic are insisting on having both running
water and electricity in their encampments and each royal encampment
takes precidence over the university. Yes. This is hearsay. However,
you can ask next year's class coordinator for clarification. 

This relocation may actually mark the doom of the Pennsic class tents.
Yama Kaminari has already decided to look into establishing a Far
Eastern A&S tent in its encampment. Middle Eastern may wish to locate
ALL of its classes at the Oasis. As for the rest of Pennsic A&S, hopefully 
organized encampments will choose to take them in. Where do I think
that the Pennsic University should be located? On Runestone Hill of
course. But, that conflicts with the Middle Kingdom.

					Your Humble Servant
					Solveig Throndardottir
					Amateur Scholar

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