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Re: To Atlantian's facing Bonnie's wrath

Poster: alesiaglfyn@juno.com (Bonnie A Hindle)

Manus wrote:
>> Kevin wrote:
>> Boroghul Khara/Grey Randall wrote:
>> > 
>> > Poster: boroghul@bellatlantic.net (Boroghul Khara/Grey Randall)
>> > 
>> > I hope the relative silence on the Rose today means a good number 
>of you
>> > are battening down hatches.
>> Wow.  I never dreamed of crossing Lady Alesia Gilefalyn, now I know 
>> <psssst!>
>> Oh.  Yeah, I'll bet Bonnie is a hurricane....
>> _____                                           
>> |+^+|  Kevin of Thornbury
>Hey! she just moved from Wilmington to Raleigh.  I hope that was not a 
>foreshadowing of what's to come.
thanks Manus! ;) I was wondering if anyone was going to connect that I
had just left Wilmington but decided to return as a hurricane..

and oh by the way, Kevin, both Bonnie's are hurricane <big cheshire grin>

Alesia Gillefalyn
 (mka Bonnie)

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