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Poster: ginevra@bellsouth.net

>Poster: "Tristan de Roquelaure" <barderic@mailcity.com>
>*sheas his head a few time, and scribbles, corsses out a couple of things,
>crouches over as he sees people starting to look at him, listening to
>their discussion, writieng more, crosses out a couple of more things,
>woundereing how many people there are in LOR, and then co[ies the list
>onto another piece of paper, neatly this time*
>Here's the list the best I can tell from what you all ahve said, but I'm
>only posting the posititon that have been filled, instead of everyone,
>okay?  And I profusely appologise for any spelling errors:
>Denethor:	Patrick Stewart
>Golum:		Steve Buscemi
>Sauraman:	Malcolm McDowell (My own personal addition)
>Strider:	Liam Neison
>Eowynn:		Alicia Silverstone
>Thron:		Robin Williams
>Theoden:	Shawn Connery
>Elrond:		Patrick McGoohan (Who??)
>Gandolf:	Max Von Sydow (Again, who??)
>Galdariel:	Cathrine Deneuve
>Boromir:	Val Kilmer
>Sauron:		James Earl Jones
>Arwen:		Sophie Marceau (Do I know her??)
>Faramir:	Kiefer Sutherland
>Gimli:		Brian Blessed
>Wormtoungue: Gary Oldman
>Aragorm:	Kevin Costner (Not sure about this placement.)
>Thank you for your time and patience.

Elrond:	Patrick McGoohan (Who??)-Edward Longshanks-Braveheart
Gandolf:	Max Von Sydow (Again, who??)-Great Swedish actor played
Christ, the old king in Conan
Arwen:	Sophie Marceau (Do I know her??)-Princess in Braveheart, great
actress in France

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