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Re: Glorious day for films.

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com
> In a message dated 98-08-25 17:46:42 EDT, bmccoy@lan2wan.com writes:
> << This was why Bill Watterson refused to license "Calvin & Hobbes". >>
> But that didn't stop a lot of people frmo using the images anyway

That's true. However, when Watterson's lawyers find (found?) the
guys making the bumper stickers and shirts, they can sue in the
courts, and possibly get those who violated his rights landed in
jail. Of course, lots of this stuff is made in the Orient, where
they don't have a lot of regard for our copyright laws (lots of
pirated software comes from the Far East, for example).

Craig (Pedro's never heard of copyrights)
Craig Levin
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