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Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Unto the good gentles of the Merry Rose Tavern at Cheapside, from Sayyid
Rabah az-Zafar, Kingdom Chronicler of Atlantia, by way of my deputy Lord
Kevin of Thornbury!

	The September Acorn is oh-my-god late!  This is due to a number of
things - among them are loss of my hard drive, hurricane Bonnie and the
fact that me and my lady are trying to finish two newsletters with one
computer.  My deputy Lady Gwendolen has stolen my other deputy Lord
Kevin's truck, and has magically appeared at my doorstep with a
generator and a laptop!  [And air conditioning and cell phone, from
where he is dictating this - Kevin]

	We are rebuilding, yet again, the September Acorn.  I am hoping to have
it in the mail by next Friday (all depends on how long the copy shop
takes).  Once power has been restored to my home, and I can verify that
my hard drive reloaded correctly before the power went out, I will be
sending you an update to let you know where we stand.  Thank you for
your patience in this matter.

Your humble and groveling chronicler, Rabah

P.S.  My new Gateway shows up mid-september so we won't be putting out
two newsletters with one computer for much longer, nor should I have to
worry about the hard drive dying.  However, I understand that hurricane
Danielle is still on her way - we'll let you know!
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