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Golden Dolphin's August results, and some notes

Poster: david.a.montuori@adn.alcatel.com (Dave Montuori)

Unto the Crown and Populace of Atlantia, and all others who read these
presents: greetings from Evan da Collaureo, Golden Dolphin Herald.

The August Letter of Intent meeting was held on Saturday, 1 August.
Expected LoI meetings for the future include Sunday, 6 September;
Sunday, 11 October; and Sunday, 8 November. Unless otherwise
specified, Dominus Herveus and his family will host the meetings. Road
shows are being considered for Sunday, 15 November and Sunday, 6


Adam of Erin. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Laurel Jan 98). [fieldless] On
an anvil argent a quatrefoil slipped vert.

Alana Cleary. New name and device. Per pale vert and azure, on a
chevron inverted counterchanged fimbriated between a sun and a
crescent, an estoile argent.

Anastasiia Rubleva. New name and device. Per bend sable and argent,
three fleurs-de-lis argent and a tyger's head erased contourny gules.

Aron Nied{z'}wied{z'}. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia May 98)
of Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel Dec 97). Bendy sinister gules
and argent, a bear rampant, a chief embattled sable.

Bernard von Budweis. New name and device. Per bend Or and sable semy
of pheons Or, on a bend vert a sword inverted Or, in chief a bear
rampant sable.

D{a'}lkr H{a'}lftroll Snjolfsson. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel
May 98). Argent, a horse's head cabossed sable, flaunches sable
estencely Or.

Elizabeth Bowles. New name and device. Quarterly argent and vert, a
cross botonny counterchanged within an oak wreath, in chief a billet
fesswise Or.

Elizabeth Bowles. New badge. Quarterly vert and argent, a cross
botonny counterchanged within an oak wreath, in chief a billet
fesswise Or.

Giovanni Rocco. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Laurel May 98).
[fieldless] A cross of four lozenges conjoined argent, within and
conjoined to a torse wreathed azure and Or.

Lochmere, Barony of -- Order of the Golden Arrow. New order name and
badge. [fieldless] An arrow Or.

Minna McLelland. New name and device. Argent, a bend sinister between
a horse rampant to sinister sable and a tree proper.

Peter Hawkyns -- Simon the Itinerant. Release of alternate persona
name and badge. Argent, a chevron purpure, in chief a triangle sable
charged with an annulet argent, a bordure sable.

Peter Hawkyns. Change of device. Sable, on a pile inverted between in
chief two mullets argent, a portcullis sable.

Seamus of Storvik. New name and device. Or, a bend sable between two
lions dormant gules.

S{e'}amus {O'} Cuile{a'}in. Appeal of Laurel device return (ret'd by
Laurel May 98). Vert, a cross formy convexed Or within a stag's
attires, a bordure raguly argent.

Thomas of Calais. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Atlantia Jul 98).
Gyronny gules and Or, a lion's head cabossed, on a chief argent three
towers sable masoned Or.


Catherine de Mares. Change of device. Azure, on a bend sable
fimbriated between two cats dormant, an ivy vine argent.

D{a'}lkr H{a'}lftroll Snjolfsson. Resubmitted badge (ret'd by Laurel
May 98). [fieldless] On a spiderweb Or a skull azure. (fieldless style)

Duibheasa Maeve of Strikkenwoode. Resubmitted device (ret'd by Laurel
Dec 91). Per chevron inverted wavy vert and sable, an increscent
between in cross four mullets of four points Or. (style)

Elspeth of Harilow. New device. Or, a unicorn's head erased sable
between flaunches vert, overall eight pansies in annulo proper.
(tincture and style)

Valentine Ravenwood. New device. Quarterly vert and sable, a pegasus
segreant to sinister within a bordure Or. (conflict)


Cainwen Prenrhos. New device. Azure, three annulets linked in chevron
Or. (potential conflict, held pending August Laurel meeting)

Sweyn Erik Grafell. Change of device. Azure, on a bend sinister sable
fimbriated between two open books, three torches palewise argent.
(clarification of submitter's wishes)

Sweyn Erik Grafell. Change of badge. Sable goutty d'eau, a base
embattled argent masoned sable. (clarification of submitter's wishes)

After viewing the results from the Pennsic consult table I feel I must
remind you all of the following: The outline copy of the pictures gets
photoreduced. As such it HAS to be done in DARK INK. Pencil is NOT
dark ink. Yes, do your initial sketches in light pencil; but when you
have a final version, INK IT IN and erase the extraneous pencilmarks.
Starting immediately I will return any and all armory submissions
whose outlines are drawn in pencil.

My term of office expires in January of AS 34. I do not plan to ask
for renewal. Since running this office goes much easier with advance
planning, the incoming Triton and I will accept bids for Golden
Dolphin starting in January, with hopes of announcing my successor by
Spring Crown. If you have any interest in the position, please begin
considering your bid now; if you have any questions about what the job
entails, please contact Rhiannon or myself.

In Service,
Evan, Golden Dolphin
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