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[Fwd: wedding announcement]

This is a repost for all of you who unsubscribed for Pennsic.


-- BEGIN included message

Poster: Brenna <sunnie@exis.net>

A message from THL Elspeth of Harilow and Padraic Daniels (Lisa M. Webb
and Sean P. Brennan):

My lord and I will be celebrating our wedding on Dec 19th.  We would
like to incorporate as much dancing, feasting, and revelry as possible.
We have not had the opportunity to travel as much here in Atlantia as we
would have liked, so our group of acquaintances is limited to our
general area.  But, since the SCA has always been our extended family as
we have moved from An Tir to Meridies to Atlantia, we would like to
share this momentous occasion with as many of our SCAdian relatives as
we can muster.  To this end, we are extending a call to all musicians,
bards, dance instructors, and lovers of music and dance to join us for
the celebration of our union.  Planned activities for the day include
dance class, a masque competition, competitions in kissing (to be judged
by the bride and groom) and reverance (for our smalls), an evening
masqued ball, a scrumptious feast, gaming, and a piece of cloven fruit
may even appear suddenly on the scene.  As always, merchants are welcome
(the bride loves to shop!).  If you are interested in sharing the day
with us (especially if you are a musician or dance instructor who is
willing to help us set the schedule of dance), please contact Brenna of
Lyonsbane by e-mail at sunnie@exis.net or snail-mail at 324 Bernice
Place, VA Beach, VA 23452.

(who apologizes in advance for spelling errors, as Elspeth read a good
bit of this over the phone to me)

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