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[Fwd: wedding revelry]

Another repost for those of you who were unsubscribed for Pennsic.


-- BEGIN included message

I have had many requests for more information, so I will tell you all
what we know so far....

The wedding is being held at the Woman's Club of Portsmouth (VA) at 304
Sycamore Rd.  It is a beautiful club which used to be a regular SCA
winter site years ago.  If any of you have ever attended an event called
Midwinter's Masque (held until 2 years ago by the Barony of Marinus),
you will recognise this event style.  Since it is the bride's favorite
event, it is no longer held by Marinus, and it is traditionally held in
winter, THL Elspeth has decided to adopt this format for her wedding.
The proposed price for the "unofficial event" is $8 for adults and $4
for children 6-12 (in advance) and $10/$5 at the door.  As is customary,
children under 6 are guests of the bride and groom.  The proposed
schedule is as follows:

8:00       Site opens for wedding setup only
11:00     Wedding in the main hall- this is optional for garb or mundane
clothes as it is not part of the event
12:00     Troll opens in the main hall
                Gaming begins in the sunroom
                Ladies changing-upstairs
                Lord's changing-workroom
                A&S competition tables setup in main hall
                Merchants can begin setting up in main hall
2:00-4:00  Dance class in main hall
                Kissing and reverance contests during dance class
                Gaming continues in the sunroom
                Judging of A&S competitions
                Feast prep in kitchen and workroom
                Lord's changing moves into dining room
                Children's games in workroom partition
6:00-8:00  Feast in main hall near the stage
8:00-11:00  Masqued Ball in main hall
                Gaming continues
                Bardic circle setup in workroom
11:00-12:00  Clean up and vacate hall by 12:30

The proposed menu at this time includes:

1st course
Cheese and Bread
Red wine, onion and beef stew

2nd course
Salmon loaves
Savory cheese with asparagus

3rd course
Roast chicken with oatmeal stuffing
honey glazed carrots

4th course
Home baked breads and butters

5th course
Rubbed venison roast
Rice flourentine

6th course
The bride's favorite desserts--ask a Marinusian about this surprise!

The planned drinks are iced tea and limeade (or lemonade).  The kitchen
steward will be your humble servant Brenna of Lyonsbane and the steward
will be the bride (THL Elspeth).

I will post more information as it becomes available.


-- END included message