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RE: Akira Kurosawa Dead

Poster: "Brett W. McCoy" <bmccoy@lan2wan.com>

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Faulcon, Mark wrote:

> > Akiras Kurosawa of Seven Samurai fame, died Saturday in Tokyo at the 
> > age of 88. Cause was unstated.
> How sad.  I really liked him.  He was a good shogun on "Shogun" also.
> Istvan Dragosani
> Nope - That was Toshiro Mifune; Akira Kurosawa was the director of the Seven
> Samurai (and a host of other films, as well...)

*WHACK* Doh!  You're right!  Sorry about that...  I guess I meant to
mention "Kagemusha"...  yeah, that's it, that's the ticket...

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