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Re: August Acceptances & Rejections

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

First Astrid, then Tirloch, then Blaise:
>>> Have I missed the posting on the August acceptances and rejections?  My 
>>> device submission was pended to August from the April meeting.

>> Please contact me directly with the particulars and I will investigate
>> your claim.

> I'm willing to bet that I know what is going on here.  I'll bet that what 
> actually happened in April was that the submission was sent to Laurel...

Nope; Astrid was correct in calling it a "pend." The December LoI had
inadvertently reversed the tinctures of her field, so in April Laurel
published the *correct* blazon and sent it back to the College of Arms for
another cycle. This should have been considered at the August meeting, but
even though I was there I don't remember whether this came up or not. The
official August results should be available soon.

Golden Dolphin Herald
also Laurel Staff Grunt

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