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Re: Ride to University

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)


> Hey  Pedro! 
> I am going up to University from Wilmington, NC. If you are between me
> and university  I'll be happy to stop off. I am asking for crash space
> since $ is extremely tight. 
> Give a shout to   geneviaMoAS@juno.com  or Ginger @ (910) 799-1941).
> Genevia

I live in Storvik. I'm not sure that you'd want to drive from
Wilmington, to DC, and then to Blacksburg.

Thanks all the same though...

In Service,

Dom Pedro de Alcazar
Barony of Storvik, Atlantia
Storvik Pursuivant
Argent, a tower purpure between 3 bunches of grapes proper
Craig Levin
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