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RE: Swans

Poster: "Garrett, William" <WGarrett@sierrahealth.com>


While I have not tried swan, I have prepared goose.  And to make it more
exotic, we pretended it was peacock!  We made a cloth cover covered in
feathers, with a huge peacock fan tail.  

We presented this to high table, pulled off the cover and uncovered the
roast goose.  It went over very well!

I guess you could do the same thing, but use swan feathers and such.

.......heck, you could do the same thing with beef roasts and dragon tails!

Just as an alternative to using real swan  (though if you do serve swan some
time, let me know......

William, who really wants to cook one of those bird inside a bird inside a
bird inside a bird dishes!

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