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Re: On the differences between the North and South...

Poster: Grace Morris <gmorris@cs14.pds.charlotte.nc.us>

I have recently moved from Ansteorra, where there is a big push for a 
southern principality.  Now I am here, and it is "deja vu, all over 
again."  Although I am not familiar with the politics of this kingdom, 
allow me repeat what I said at a recent Ansteorran principality meeting.

I joined the SCA in Calontir when it was a principality. I lived north of 
Kansas City, which means about a 5-hour drive from the nearest Middle 
Kingdom group.  It would have been easy to be part of the Middle 
Kingdom.  We weren't.  While I have no doubt that there were those good 
gentles that maintained ties with the Middle, I didn't know them.  All of 
the new (and the old) people in my area identified with the principality, 
and saw virtually no reason to make long journeys when all of our friends 
were in Calontir.  This feeling was not helped by the fact that folks 
from the Middle "proper" rarely came to visit us;  I cannot tell you how 
thrilled we were when they actually held Crown Tourney across the river 
from St. Louis, and we felt part of things.

SCA members who like to travel, and are able, will always do so;  those who 
dislike travel will not.  This will remain the same.  But those who join in a 
principality will have even LESS incentive to travel to events other than 
Crown, Coronation, etc..  Whether you are for or against the formation of 
a principality (and I haven't been here long enough to have formed an 
opinion), this is a fact that you will need to consider.

Wishing all 
Right Thinking and Noble Intentions,

Jessamyn di Piemonte
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