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Kingdom loyalty

Poster: CathieKay@aol.com

Greetings all,

I'd like to add a few meandering comments on the kingdom loyalty issue....

I live in Meridies now, and after traveling the Knowne World far and wide, I
have really actually finally felt comfortable "playing" SCA again since
leaving Atlantia.   For some reason...the "fit" between me and the local
populace just didn't work...

I have always gotten the Acorn and still will. On another note, the whole
principality issue fascinates me. (Meridies, having just done the same thing.)
I do often wonder what is in Atlantia's future...and what will happen if I
eventually get back there. I still come visit and it is indeed like coming

I ponder if this principality will eventually become its own kingdom...and
what will that do to Atlantia as whole if it does.  Since I no longer live
there, I guess these questions are more rhetorical in nature, but I still feel
the draw of my old kingdom. I miss the friends I made, and the adventures we
had. We all move on...but certainly, everyone finds a "fit" I think, when they
really dig in and play SCA the first time.  People remember those folks who
made the "dream" real the first time...

I miss Atlantia... Hopefully, my time in Meridies will be just as wonderful. 

Caitlin of Ennsikillen
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