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Keeping up

Poster: "John H Bova" <jbova@gibralter.net>

 Greetings to one and all, 
      Although my name is new, many of you know me already. But for those
who don't,  Here's a chance to get to know me.
  My SCAdian name is Simonis Branas, and I am the new Seneschal for the
Shire of Cathanar. My love is For the SCA and especially for the heavy
fighting. I am currently working with Sir Gunther in hopes of authorizing
soon, With the ultimate goal of earning the spurs myself. Being as I am the
only heavy in Cathanar at this time progress is slow.(Nobody to play with).
We have two new marines who are interested in becoming heavies, but being
new to this myself, I am not much help to them. Any Ideas?? :)
  I am married to Jean Franc D'Blauvelt, a rapier fighter who is getting
rather well known round here. He is also the Rapier marshal for Raven's
Cove. (congrats go to them on thier Unsuspension!) We have been involved
with the SCA about two years now. I had to drag him to his first event. Now
I can't get him to stop! :)
  We have two kids a ten year old boy Joshua and a three year old girl,
Bethany (Boo-Boo).We try to take them to events, but with both of us
actively participating, keeping up with boo is difficult at times. Ah, the
child rearing years..
  I guwss I have taken enough of you good gentles time, so I will let it go
for now. If anyone is willing to come and play, any time, you are welcome.
Let me know where else the fighter practices are and I can travel to as
well. Go in peace, my friends.
                                                      In Service to the
                                                       Simonis Branas
                                                        Seneschal, Shire of
The seneschal formerly known as Chelseais.
 P.S. Mundanely we are John and Dee Bova. Not Brown. Bova.                 

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