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Re: Home & Principality

Poster: Darellean@aol.com

In a message dated 9/17/1998 6:05:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, nix@iolinc.net

> I have lived in what is now 9 kingdoms. My mundane home is now in
>  Aethelmarc and I was around during its formation. But I will always be
>  an east kingdomer even if I am really enjoying my time in Atlantia. BTW
>  this was the East too when I started.

I can agree with the sentiment. I have called 4 kingdoms home and have been
with the SCA for twenty odd years at this point.  Atlantia is currently my
mundane location. Regardless of where I've been, and I've noticed this from
many members, the kingdom where you started is always home, even if you put
down roots somewhere else.  FWIM, I too am an old Eastrealmer. :)

Oh, and to the guy asking about royal female peers... being one, the first
thing I noticed after stepping down was that everyone expected us to be the
know-all, do-all  font of wisdom and activity. After 9 months of playing royal
(that including the three months added between tourney and coronation as a
training period), all I wanted to do was take a breather.  Royal peers were
expected to be movers and shakers, and if you weren't, everyone figured you
had burnout. ::sigh::
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