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Re: On the differences between the North and South...

Poster: Nicole Honeycutt <ladyemma@mindspring.com>

At 12:49 AM 9/18/98 -0400, Bonnie A Hindle wrote:
>Poster: alesiaglfyn@juno.com (Bonnie A Hindle)
>I have no comment one way or the other on the Principality but you have
>hit it right on the head with your observation.  Having come from
>Seareach which is there just local level and then the Kingdom, to
>Windmaster's where I find this whole new and entertaining level of shtick
>and pomp, I feel like a country bumpkin in the big city.

That's because y'all are a country bumpkin in the big city.... 
'sok though... w'll tech'um how to drank outta mason jars yet
jus y'all wait. 

who moved to the big city first

(for those of you who think this post is harsh... bonnie is my sister)
sometimes i feel like a dog in the back of a pickup truck going 90mph round
a curve just trying to hang on for dear life. 

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