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Kingdom Crusades!!!!!

Poster: "duane moore" <brycedebyram@hotmail.com>

War’s my Mistress
Bryce de Byram

It’s odd to see the newly crowned
who’s set aside his botany cross,
for Kingdom’s throne then turn around
and call Crusade’s own weighty cost
and gamble against honor’s loss.
And I would be the first to sing,
a song of council to our King,
if not to War, my heart was bound.

This Mistress makes men great and small 
to set aside their cares and woes
to heed unto her siren’s call
that turns the best of friends to foes,
and ravens into carrion crows.
And even kings must put away
those pregnant powers to the sway
of this, the mistress of us all.

War’s my love, there is no doubt,
that I am speaking words untrue.
Go to my lands, and ask about,
the answer there is waiting you.
My carpenter does quickly hew,
my smith at anvil lends his toil
and even those that work that soil 
are set to put this Cat to rout.

For War, and Service, and high Art,
are all the values that we pride.
But War’s the one that has my heart.
The other two must step aside 
and bow unto War’s stronger tide.
For when my Lady beckons me
by their own nature I can see
how dutifully they play their part.

For what Service could be more dear
than he who fights at his lord’s side?
And what Art is more needed here,
than crafted helms that turn aside
the blows that end all work and pride?
Then turn all labor to this war,
and call the knights up to the fore,
and let their works be tested there.

Let sunlight shine on helms and spears,
let war-cries shake the bloodied plain.
Let cowards turn and run in fear
till heroes are all that remains,
and deeds of valor are attained.
In battle’s thickest, wildest fray
the press of men will prove this day
that War’s the truest Mistress here.

Jongleur, run quick and rouse the Bear
to meet these Kittens on the field.
Tell him his wisdom’s true and clear,
to mediate with sword and shield.
That truly, Bryce de Byram feels,
the time for peace has come and passed.
His Kingdom’s Crusade has come at last,
he stews to praise his Mistress there.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Laus prae Lucro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryce de Byram, G.O.A.,A.o.A., Comp. of the Pearl,Comp. of the Golden 
Dolphin, Silver Nautilaus, Shark's Tooth, Undine,King's award of 
Excellance, Company of the Banner,Twice Atlantian Royal Bard, First 
Warlord of Caer Mear,cornet-at-large, M.S.o.B. Journeyman,Squire to His 
grace, Duke Anton Tremayne,Seneschal of The Barony of Caer Mear, 
Atlantia, and all around nice guy....

or Duane Moore: Byton@evilpeople.com

sometimes known as Byton Tremayne, the Black-Bard...

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