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Chancellor's Acorn Letter

Poster: Beth Morris <bmorris@access.digex.net>

To the learned and enlightened populace of Atlantia, greetings from the
Chancellor of the University of Atlantia!

Gentle friends,

Thank you to all of you who attended, instructed, assisted or were
otherwise involved in Session #45, held in the Barony of Black Diamond
on October 3rd.  I would especially like to thank my local staff
(Baroness Isabel and Lady Anedd), the folk of Black Diamond who opened
their homes to lodge travellers, my lovely Registrar, Mistress Thjora
and her faithful crew (Baroness Margaret, Mistress Deirdre and Lady
Elisabeth among others), and all my deans and instructors.  While a
smallish session, it was still full of lively discussions and
interesting classes!  

Which brings to mind the omnipresent question "Where/When is the next
University?"  The answer is - we don't know yet!  In fact, we're looking
for a site!  We need something like 15 - 18 classrooms (appropriately
sized for adults), as well as a common area for
registration/lunch/convocation.  If there is a gym for fighting classes,
that would be great.  If any of the rooms have lab sinks, kitchen
facilities, etc., we need to know that too.  We need parking, at least
some of it right near the site (people often have large quantities of
materials for classes).  Would the local group be interested in
providing lunch (bread, cheese, soup?, meat or cheese pies, etc? I have
all kinds of ideas if you're interested)?  How much crash space is
available locally?  Is there a reasonably-cheap hotel around the area? 
And how much does the site cost - we like to use free sites where
possible.  For this session, we're looking at dates in the
February/early March range (2/20? 3/13? maybe 3/6 if it isn't
Coronation?) in the southern reaches of the Kingdom (western NC or SC
would be good).  For the summer session we're looking for sites in the
central/eastern region of the kingdom and we're looking at dates in the
June/July timeframe.  For the winter session, I need to have the dates
nailed down during November (in time for the January Acorn).

Similarly, I am also seeking instructors for the next session!  I have
already been promised an equestrian/ animal arts track, an archery track
and a leatherworking track.  If you are interested in sponsoring a
track, or teaching a class, please contact me with your class title and
description, as well as your name(s) and contact information.  I would
like all instructors to limit themselves to teaching two classes per
session, and I would beg all of you - please don't volunteer if you
aren't reasonably sure you can make it!  I had an over-25% cancellation
rate on instructors this session, and while I realize many of these were
unavoidable, it makes it hard to schedule classes and work out
schedules.  I need classes and class descriptions by November 15th if at
all possible.  Thank you!

If you have any questions about University, it's operation or teaching
classes/hosting sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Yours, in Their Majesties' service,

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