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More Kingdom Crusades!!!!!!!!!!!

Poster: "Neal Townley (EUS)" <QUSNJT@am1.ericsson.se>

When ever the infidel would raise their force to threaten holy land or home
Niall Dolphin would write a Sirventes to roust the faithful from their halls
and homes.
In so doing he would make blood boil and righteous battle lust spring forth.
He would often, like 
the infamous Bryce de Byram, refer to famous people as the charge on their
heraldry. Upon
hearing of King Stephan (the dragon) mustering forces against Atlantia, he
wrote this Sirventes:

Attend me now Atlantia's host
And hear God's call to arms for crusade!
No other under heaven may boast
Such great prowess with lance and sharp blade
For king and kingdom we make our stand
Our bodies shall shield our native land
With judgement of God in each sword hand

The devils dragon does raise his host
To bear down upon our righteous shield
And try his best to give lethal dose
But he shall find how little we yield
For now our bold king shall take the cross
For the Eastern Moors our borders cross
And cry Jihad to entreat our loss

Our king shall slip the mastiff loyal
The wild wolf shall hunt midst battle's fray
We'll hear the roar of lion royal
And see corbies feast by end of day
So gird your harness without delay!
And may each blow thrown a foeman slay
And so place our foes in great dismay!

Go my friend, to the bear this song bring
And tell him I fight for God and king!


Dragon = King Stephan of the East
Corbie = Sir Corbie de la Flamme
Bear = Anton (although this is not his charge)
Wolf = Duke Logan
Mastiff = Duke Cuan
Lion = Duke Michael

enough to fill a zoo!

Master Niall Dolphin, OL   
Moose Lodge                      
Barony of Windmaster's Hill
Kingdom of Atlantia
Please send E-mail to: Laurel@evilpeople.com
" Non nobis Domini non nobis sed Nomini tuo da Gloriam"
       Psalm 115 I.1 - Motto of the Knights Templar

rhyme scheme ababccc
9 sylables per line

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