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Fw: SCA-Aids Quilt Demo PLSForward]

Poster: "Beverly Robinson-Curry" <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>

By request....


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> Date: Wednesday, October 14, 1998 9:19 AM
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> Mokurai,
> Could you post this to the list for me?  I'm having a bit of trouble with
> my email and I lost the directions on how to post to the service.  We're
> trying to dostribute this as wide as it can go in the SCA.
> Thanks 
> Catriona of Ty Isa
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> Greetings unto all those whose eyes reach this missive. Your cooperation
> is requested to distribute this announcement as widely as possible.
> Copies
> sent to rec.org.sca, various kingdom listserves, special-interest
> list-serves and discussion forums etc., would be extremely beneficial. My
> apologies to those who regret the use of bandwidth for this worthy cause.
> Permission is hereby granted for re-prints in local newsletters with no
> further notice to author necessary.
> Most gracious and generous citizens of the Known World, greetings from
> Lady Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon.
> As you may or may not know, there is an enormous project dedicated to
> publicising  the enormous impact of AIDS on the human population. The
> project is in the form of the Aids Quilt. The Aids quilt has recieved
> enormous public attention due to the size of the project and the public's
> willingness to continue it's progress until such a time as a cure for
> is discovered and made widely available.
>  Each square on the quilt measures 3 feet by 6 feet US, roughly the size
> of
>  the average human grave. At present the quilt is so large that it takes
>  several 18-wheelers to haul it to various locations throught the US. You
>  can imagine the impact of such a disease on the human population. On a
>  personal level, I am aware of three aquaintances who have died from this
>  incurable, contagious disease. One of these was a member of the SCA. I
> am
>  certain I am not alone in mourning the loss of SCAdian friends through
>  such tragic and long-suffering means.
>  The SCA, Barony of the Endless Hills, located in Aethelmearc (North East
>  Pennsylvania, USA, within a few minutes of the Aethelmearc-East border)
>  has been requested to assist in a demo for the benefit of the Aids
> Quilt,
>  which will come to Scranton in Early November. We will be there to
> assist the
>  public in learning basic sewing techniques and help attach squares to
> the
>  quilt. Additionally, we will stage a demo and bake-sale. All proceeds
> from
>  these will be given directly to the Aids Quilt foundation. Since it
> costs
>  approximately $10,000 for the quilt to be displayed at any given
>  location, obviously our efforts will not be enough to completely support
> the
>  project.
>  Public fundraising is currently underway to help defray that cost. Those
>  who feel able to assist with this should contact the autocrat, below.
>  In addition to the demo and bake sale, the Barony is funding a quilt
> square
>  to be attached to the Aids Quilt. At this time I am soliciting names of
>  folks who were members of the SCA or friends of members, and have died
> of
>  AIDS. We are not asking any donation for this service: we merely wish to
>  honor those we have cared for who have gone before us. These are the
>  requirements:
> 1.State whether you would prefer the name to appear on the laurel leaves
>  or rain-drops of our device (if space is a premium we may need to
>  substiture green leaves).
> 2. Provide either the SCA name or the Modern name (or both) to the best
> of your ability--partial names, nicknames, initials, etc. will all be
> honored, but space is small;  type or clearly print these along with the
> modern and/or SCA location of the person (local group or kingdom) if
> known, and the year of the death if available. The additional information
> is used to keep a biographical record of the names on the quilt.
> 3. State if, to your knowledge, the name appears elsewhere on the AIDS
>  quilt. If this is true you may still request the name be added to the
>  square. 
> 4. Send these to the following address: liontamr@ptd.net
>  OR  L. Herr-Gelatt, RR 1 Box 500F, Honesdale PA 18431, USA. Phone
>  (717)253-6228 between 8-10 pm T-TH or all day monday and friday up to 10
>  pm, Eastern Standard Time. SASE if a snail-mail reply/confirmation is
>  desired. International requests will also be honored. If the answering
>  machine is reached, please phone back when a human answers---not all
>  messages are delivered to me promptly or coherantly, and SCAdian names
>  can be tricky.
> 5. Names must be recieved no later than Oct 30th, 1998 to be included
> on the quilt square. Room will be made for all names submitted,
> regardless
> of the volume.
>  The SCA-square will consist of a silver rainfall (mottled blue
> background) over variegated green mountains covered with foliage, with
> the SCA laurel wreath in gold superimposed upon the mountains. Other 
> green leaves will also be available if we run out of space for rain-drops
> and
> laurel-leaves.
>  I have the honor, as a quilter and member of the Barony, of compiling
> this quilt sqaure, and gladly will share the task with those who wish to
> help.
> The materials and begining construction will be available at Aethelmearc
> Crown Tourney in Sterlynge Vayle this coming weekend, as time and space
> permits. Names will be added later in the month. Donations of suitable
> materials will also be accepted. This particular square will be
> fabric-only.
> AUTOCRAT INFORMATION (DEMO announcement will appear in the near future)
>  To volunteer time, baked goods, sewing expertise, or financial
> assistance,
>  please contact the autocrat of this demo, Lady Rioghnach MacBheathain
> (Nora Melliland) at 504 1/2 Wales St., Scranton, PA 18508 USA. Private
> e-mails to the liontamr@ptd.net  address requesting her phone number will
> be
> honored.
> For those who wish to attach quilt squares of their own to the AIDS
> Quilt,
> be advised that the squares must be a finished 3 feet by 6 feet US, and
> can be made of any material (squares have used bubble wrap, barbie dolls,
> clothing of the deceased, duct tape, foil, jewelry, and other a-typical
> quilt materials. These are all acceptable so long as the quilt square is
> sturdy, or correct size and easily attached). There is no fee for
> submitting a quilt square by mail, however if the square is not recieved
> at
> the location of the quilt, shipping willl be required in order to send it
> to the current location. Please contact the autocrat for more
> information.
> And, for those who intend to follow this project as it develops, we
> intend
> to publish a web-page of pictures. Stay tuned.....
> Aoife
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