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Re: Sumptuary Laws

Poster: JBRMM266@aol.com

In a message dated 98-10-19 09:15:22 EDT, nancyad@mindspring.com writes:

<< In period, purple dye was very rare and costly (from a sea shell???).  So
few could afford it. >>

Right. The "Tyran purple" was indeed made from a sea shell.  It produces a
color more like a deep red than what we would think of as purple . ..  

<< Additionally, in some places and times, in period, there were sumptuary
laws restricting who could wear purple. Usually only royalty(?)  >>

Right again.  Such sumptuary laws did exist, but as you also say, the SCA has
no such sumptuaries, and I doubt that any kingdom does, either .

~Donal Mac Ruiseart
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