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New Armor Book / Viking Book

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Barnes and Noble has put out a translation of a new armor book by
a pair of Slovakians. In short this means it isn't just about
Western style armor. There are lots of other cultures as well.
It's also quite cheap for a hardback. No bibliography, no index though.

Armor from Ancient to Modern Times, by Petr Klucina, illustrated
by Pavol Pevny. Barnes and Noble, 1997. Printed in Slovakia by
Neoagrafia, a.s. Martin. ISBN 0-7607-0475-9, 133 pp. $15.00

Okay, what's in it? Very early period to 20th C., probably at least
150 hand drawn, handpainted pictures which are very clear. Covers
Western armor, Eastern armor including the Middle East, China, and
Japan. Polish, Hungarian, Persian, Iranian, Lithuanian, Rome, Scythian,
Celtic, Sumerian, Milanese, Norman, Russian, Turkish, Indian,
Circassian, Samurai, Chinese, - Many scale and laminated styles, some
shields, jousting armor, and equestrian armor.

Basically, you get a lot of styles you don't usually see in most 
western armor books. Scholarly?, not particularly. Well illustrated?, 
very much so.

And you get a large book covering a lot of unusual material for about
the same price as a single Osprey book.

If you don't have a store near you. 1-800-The-Book.
Secondly, they are also selling Bertil Almgren's big book The Viking.
This is the one that has all the line drawings of damn near everything
the Vikings had or did (the one with the particularly unflattering
personal portraits). It has been on sale for some time for $20.
This is a reprint, a hardback and is quite good. If I were looking
for some artifacts like tools or furniture to reproduce, here is a 
good start.

Magnus, not affiliated.
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