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Re: Minors at events

Poster: "Robert Dawson,PA-C" <dawsonr@naxs.net>

Greetings all,

Anarra Karlsdottir, Duena Extraordinaire posts some excellent advice and

>I've been told by a hospital in Richmond, that Virginia requires the
>form to be notorized when signed.  When I take minors to an event in
>Virginia, I get their parents to notorize the form.  Your state law may

I don't believe that a _notarized_ form is required by Virginia state law
(at any rate the ER I work in doesn't insist on it) in fact, there are
accepted ways to do an authorization by phone for certain minors in certain
situations.  I'd still recommend a notarized form though, in case you meet
up with someone more interested in being officious than helpful.  In an
emergency there is always 'implied consent', but if the minor should need
treatment for, say, a sore throat or ear ache, unit clerks can sometimes get
stuffy.  It's always a good idea when supervising minors to have a medical
consent letter, phone numbers of relatives (not just the parents--what'll
you do if they aren't home?) that can be contacted in an emergency, social
security numbers, and insurance numbers handy.



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