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Re: Minors at events

Poster: ASmith@psc.gov (Alan Smith)

     Greetings all,
     Anarra has done an excellent job of summarizing the requirements, 
     which is why I am risking being accused of wasting bandwidth by 
     including it in this response.  As far as I know, the Medical Consent 
     Form is not a requirement of the SCA -- it is, however a darn *GOOD* 
     *IDEA* (TM), especially when travelling to events any distance away 
     from home.
     If you have any difficulty finding the necessary forms, or have 
     questions about them, please contact your local seneschal, or local 
     chirurgeon in the case of the medical consent form, or me.
     In service,
     Alan Gravesend
     Seneschal, Atlantia

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Subject: Minors at events
Author:  "Terry L. Neill" <t_neill@hotmail.com> at INTERNET
Date:    10/19/98 6:25 AM

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <t_neill@hotmail.com>
I joined the SCA as a minor when I was 12 years old.  My parents have 
never attended an event.
I have been duena to minors going to events on several occations.  I 
have dealt with all these issues from both ends.
First, I have no idea what the US and Canada now require for bringing 
foreign minors across an international boundry.  I suggest you and she 
find out.
Second, she will need identification to get back into Canada.  A drivers 
license or state ID card works as ID to get back into the US if one is a 
US citizen.  Find out what Canadian Customs requires.  (I went into 
Canada as a minor-without-parents several times.  I had an Oregon ID 
card for YEARS before a driver's license.)
Third, the SCA requires that a minor present a signed minor waiver at 
the gate.  The minor waiver states: "The Minor will not be able to 
participate in any SCA activities without entering into this agreement." 
Unless she is a member of the SCA and has already had her parents sign a 
minor waiver and has a blue card, she will need to get her parents to 
sign a copy of the minor waiver.  The waiver is online at 
"acorn.atlantia.sca.org/forms-waiv.htm" or should be available from your 
group seneschal.  Rabah publishes it in the acorn occationally.
Fourth, if you don't obtain temporary guardianship papers, then get a 
signed Consent for Medical Authorization.  In the US, doctors and 
hospitals are not allowed to treat minors without their parents' consent 
unless the injury is life-threatening or poses danger of sustained 
injury.  They also aren't allowed to release minors into the custody of 
anyone other than their parents/guardians.  A Medical Authorization form 
allows the named parties to agree to that stuff and to remove the minor 
from the facility.
A copy of the Medical Consent Form is on An Tir's web page.  Go to their 
Constable's Handbook page.  There is a link to the medical consent form 
there.  The An Tir Constable's Handbook states that the SCA *REQUIRES* 
all minors at an event without parent or legal guardian to have a signed 
form on their person and in the posession of the accompanying adult. 
I've never looked up to see if that's and SCA-wide requirement or just 
An Tirian Kingdom Law, but it OUGHT to be an SCA requirement, IMO.  I 
certainly never take a minor to an event without one.
I've been told by a hospital in Richmond, that Virginia requires the 
form to be notorized when signed.  When I take minors to an event in 
Virginia, I get their parents to notorize the form.  Your state law may 
   - Anarra Karlsdottir
     Duena Extraordinaire
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